I build furniture from reclaimed wood, embracing the character of the wood to build one of a kind pieces.

Flaws Become Features

The Complete Cycle


Confluence Woodcraft carries a line of limited run products in a constantly revolving inventory. Numbered and in unique sets, these pieces are available only for a limited time.



Custom, featured pieces of furniture is the specialty of Confluence Woodcraft. Have a special room you want to highlight with an eye-catching piece of custom furniture? I can help.

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Confluence Woodcraft sells a variety of unique products for the home and shop including rough cut slabs and rounds to local woodworkers looking for unique pieces for their projects. Have an idea for a project, but can’t find the right materials, I can help.

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Functional Art

Listening to the Wood

Reclaimed wood captures the passage of time, and a life lived through challenge and struggle. As an artist, I listen, feel, and see that time. That struggle. Celebrating its character. Enhancing the lessons it can teach us. Honoring the wood with my vision and skill to make art that carries that message forward through your time.

Life holds more than cheap furniture, built quickly, filled with toxic chemicals, from virgin forest, like what everyone else owns. Stand out from the big box. You deserve it.

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Join me in the workshop online and bring the wood, craftsmanship, and sounds into your home without tracking in the sawdust.

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