The Roots

I got my first job working with wood in high school working at Silverton Millworks in Durango, CO. They started me in the lumber yard organizing their massive collection of wood, pulling material for production, and learning the basics of wood. It was hard, hot work, but as a 16 year old, it was interesting and challenging.

After a few months, they pulled me into the shop to help on the production floor. Inside the shop was louder, but out of the hot sun, and much more interesting. I learned how to use a table saw as the first tool they trained me on. One of the owners, Wayne, gave me the first introduction and the missing two fingers on his right hand made a lasting impression.

I moved through several stations in the production process, learning different tools and manufacturing a wide variety of crown molding for the Victorian homes that I loved. And I fell in love with woodworking.

Thirty years later, I have built a wide variety of things. Twenty years of design and creation in the digital space made me very hungry for the tangible qualities of creating in wood. I returned to the workshop when a friend invited me to apply for a job with Fixture Studio. Located at the Grand Junction Incubator, the shop felt like a return home after a long adventure. Owner Steve Lenz helped me get my groove back and slowly nurtured and supported my rusty skills and design ideas to contribute to the shop's production of reclaimed wood furniture.

With the success of Fixture Studio's other two divisions, they made the decision to focus away from the furniture shop, and that was the start of Confluence Woodcraft, LLC. I'm carrying on and bringing new efforts to the business Fixture Studio started. Proud of the work we did together and honored to have the opportunity to keep the shop alive and thriving. Because working with wood, we learn quickly that the best wood grows up from strong roots.